There is a vast array of engineers to handle all different types of buildings and structures, but here at MTA our staff of experts in electrical engineering are specifically educated and experienced in the electrical systems of commercial and industrial buildings.


Electrical safety refers to maintaining and handling electric equipment with care to avoid workplace hazards. To properly identify and proactively control any electricity-related risks, the company should provide adequate training and information to employees and staff members.


OSHA's primary responsibilities include regulating health and safety protocols for employee well-being, improving working conditions by enforcing the successful application of workplace laws, along with providing training, assistance, and education to both employees and employers.

If you find that your appliances and devices are suddenly without power, a ground fault could be to blame. But what is a ground fault, and how can you be sure that’s what you’re experiencing? We’re here to explain.

If you’re able to identify electrical issues early, you can work with an expert to get your business back on track. Here, we’ll talk about how to test one of the most vital elements of your electrical system, the electrical relay.

Some of the most important aspects of powering your workplace aren’t even in the building. Electricity has to get from the electric company to your workplace somehow. You may be familiar with substations, but what exactly are they, and how do they help keep your workplace powered up? We’ve got your answers.


By learning a bit more about your electrical system, you can be better prepared to keep your system running smoothly or communicate issues to an electrical engineer when something goes wrong. One element of your electrical system that you should consider learning about is your switchgear.

circuit breaker

Nearly every home or business you've ever set foot in has a circuit breaker, and for good reason. These useful safety devices can prevent serious electrical incidents and keep your workers safe at all times. Here’s a bit of insight into circuit breakers and how to make them as effective as possible.

power system

To understand the potential issues that might arise in your electrical system, it’s important to understand how electricity gets to your business in the first place. That’s why we’ve created this guide explaining the basics of electrical power distribution systems.

electrical ground testing

One of the most important parts of your electrical system is grounding, ensuring that your connection has a neutral place to go in case of a malfunction. But why is electrical ground testing so important, and how is it done? We’re here to explain.

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