Power System Evaluation

Power System Evaluation

What is a Power System Evaluation?

Electrical power system evaluations are complete assessments of the design and efficiency of your electrical system. Your electrical engineer will look at every facet of your system to ensure that it is working properly and is providing you with power in the safest possible manner. During a power system evaluation, the electrical engineer will collect data from your system and compare it to manufacturer standards as well as OSHA regulations. Electrical engineers will also use reliability indexes to predict how reliable the individual portions of your system are.

If any portion of your power system is not up to par, your electrical engineer can recommend repairs or updates to ensure your safety and OSHA compliance. Depending on what is needed, your electrical engineer may recommend an alternate system design. If so, every facet of the new design will be explained to you, so you can transition with confidence. Our top priority is to make sure that your power system is working efficiently, keeping you safe and saving you money as you and your business continue to move forward.

Why Should You Have a Power System Evaluation?

First and foremost, power system evaluations ensure that your system is working safely. Electrical faults can happen at a moment's notice and without warning, potentially leaving you and your employees vulnerable to bodily injury. Ensuring the safety of your power system will allow you and your workers to proceed with confidence. Additionally, you'll be less susceptible to costly power outages, which allow for 24-hour operations. You'll have peace of mind in knowing that your system is reliable when you need it most.

Conducting a Power System evaluation with MTA may reduce your overhead and certainly minimize any excessive costs associated with a power outage. Our comprehensive power system analysis comprises detailed reports of findings, as well as recommendations that will provide your facility with the most efficient distribution of power. Alternate system designs may be proposed and studied to determine their impact on service reliability, system configuration protection, and switching scheme. This is done in order to maximize the reliability, efficiency, and savings associated with switching to a new system. MTA will provide an electrical engineer to collect the data needed to conduct a power evaluation. The reliability indexes for power systems are computed from knowledge of the constituent components of the system.

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