Coordination Study

Coordination Study

It’s always wise to have a coordination study performed for your building. Typically, electrical systems use fuses and circuit breakers in order to protect electrical equipment such as cables, motors, conductors and other components. If a failure were to occur within this equipment, a short circuit is commonly the result. The hope would be that this short circuit would only affect the portion of the system where the failure has occurred. In a system that is properly coordinated, the protective devices are selected and adjusted; minimizing the impact of equipment failures within a system. The study analyzes and evaluates the characteristic curves of the fuses and breakers, and compares them against one another, bringing to light any apparent incoordination of overlapping components. Most electrical power systems are not designed with protective device coordination in mind, which can cause immense damage to a power system and result in the shutdown of an entire building or facility.

When you schedule a coordination study, your electrical engineer will examine your protective devices and analyze how well they will perform in the event of a short circuit or other electrical failure. They will ensure your equipment is working within the guidelines of the manufacturer and in most cases will perform a short circuit study. These steps will allow your electrical engineer to determine whether your electrical system is properly connected and if all elements are working together as they should.

Electrical incidents often occur without warning and could result in serious bodily harm. The most significant benefit to scheduling a coordination study is ensuring the safety of your employees and others in your workplace. You can be confident that your equipment is working properly, and if not, you can opt for repairs that are often much more affordable than replacing a damaged piece of equipment. Finally, you can avoid potential fines if you’re found neglecting OSHA regulations.

If you’ve just installed a new electrical system into your building, scheduling a coordination study ensures you’re off to the right start. Likewise, if your electrical system has undergone any updates, or it has been 5 years since the last time your study has been updated, it’s important to schedule a coordination study to make sure your electrical systems remain optimized for safety and reliability.

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The goal of MTA’s Coordination Study is to ultimately achieve balance between equipment protection and selective isolation that is also consistent with operating requirements of the overall power system. Contact MTA today for more information on Coordination Studies in California and the San Diego area.

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