Electrical Drawings

Electrical Drawings

At MTA, we built our reputation by providing thorough electrical drawings to assist our clients in accurately communicating data about a power system. Electrical drawings are essential and a vital part of a project for a number of reasons. Not only do they assist in preventing potential dangers, these drawings ensure optimum performance and efficiency within a system. Remain confident that you will be prepared for any emergency. With our drawings, your facility will be in compliance with NFPA and OSHA regulations. MTA is a leader in providing electrical drawing designs of:

  • Data and equipment involving voltage and size
  • Breaker and fuse locations
  • Incoming line information and transformers ratings

What are Electrical Drawings?

Electrical drawings illustrate the entire electrical systems within in your building or workspace. These drawings include the external wiring, layouts of all electrical circuits present, and the positioning of the electrical systems in conjunction with your floor plan. The drawings also contain various symbols and notations that provide extra information for architects, technicians, or electricians who may be working on the facility. Having a complete and accurate set of electrical drawings allows all workers to be “on the same page” as a project is moving forward.

Why Do You Need an Electrical Drawing?

The primary benefit to having thorough electrical drawings of your workspace is the ability to prevent danger by allowing you to easily identify any potential risks as well as the location of safety equipment, such as circuit breakers. When repairs are needed on your electrical system, your electrical engineer can easily find what they're looking for within your system. Additionally, you can be confident that you are in compliance with OSHA, avoiding potential fines, and ensuring that you and your employees stay safe.

If you are crafting a new workspace or building, having detailed electrical drawings is vital. You can make sure that every inch of your workspace has the power it needs, and when future additions or renovations are needed, you'll have an easy reference point to start from. Our electrical engineers produce top-quality electrical drawings in an efficient and timely manner, letting you move forward with your building plans with confidence. Throughout the process, we'll work with you and answer any questions you might have about your electrical layout and the drawing we provide.

The MTA team delivers solutions; ensuring that you can count on practical, reliable, and constructible designs for the commercial and industrial electrical industry. Contact MTA today for more information about Electrical Drawings in California and the San Diego area.

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