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What is NETA?

The International Electrical Testing Association, or NETA, is a full-service organization dedicated to establishing standards within the electrical world, from maintenance, to testing, and everything in between. Founded in 1972, NETA’s core values stem from the belief in priority of well-being, reliability and integrity. NETA’s mission is simple- to be leaders within the electrical testing industry, and set the bar for universally acceptable service-testing providers.

What is a NETA Accredited Company (NAC)?

When a business is recognized as a NETA accredited company (NAC), they are guaranteed to uphold the highest degree of safety and diligence. Experts in their field, every NAC must follow a strict guideline in order to even be considered, and must be reevaluated frequently to ensure they are still meeting guidelines.

How Do You Become a NAC?

Every NAC and all its technicians must go through an extensive, rigorous application process in order to be considered, which means any and all NETA certified businesses to be highly qualified. By working with a NETA certified business, exceptional service is ensured as the company and all members of said company are trained to inspect, test, maintain, and calibrate an array of electrical equipment in all collective industries. All tests must be completed according to well-established NETA specifications set by years of qualified experience. NETA authorized technicians must be able to prove their capacity to withhold mandated principles set forth by safety organizations such as OSHA, NFPA, IEEE, The National Safety Council, CSA, and NEMA, among others, which is why an extensive training program is emplaced. All testing is performed according to NETA guidelines utilizing instruments provided by the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST).

Why Should I Choose a NAC?

All NETA accredited companies like MTA Electrical Engineers are required to be independent testing providers and must be stripped of any competing service or other conflicting manufacturing interests. This means all NACs to be unbiased third-party inspectors, therefore ensuring accuracy when it comes to testing and reporting, and never are influenced by factors such as budgets, installation, or products; all vital features when it comes to electrical testing-service providers.

In addition, all NETA-approved companies and their employees are reviewed and retrained regularly, assuring thoroughly educated, experienced technicians, and therefore an all-around trustworthy company. Furthermore, recurring maintenance tests are also done regularly and consistently, guaranteeing reliable up-to-date equipment, as well as recognizing problems before they become financially draining disasters, as well as preventing on-the-job injuries.